Monday, November 30, 2009

Jillian Freaking Michaels

Holy Shit this is a good workout. No gym needed, just a mat and one pair of hand weights. It's only 20 minutes and my ass is grass. No, seriously, this is an AMAZING ASS KICKING SWEAT IT OUT CALLING OUT THE LORDS NAME kinda work out. But you feel good. Real good. Also, JM is one tough bitch and I find that highly motivating.
"If you want results, they aint coming for free"

Roarke NYC

What happens when you put together a buyer for Bergdorf Goodman and a graduate of Parsons New School for Design? You get Roarke NYC. These scarf necklaces that are auh-mazing. Slam one of these puppies over a white t and a maxi skirt and blam!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is that a nod to the crisp Seattle weather or are you just trying to stay warm in front of the fridge?

Why is every Gap men's store sold out of this totally ballin sweater? Size small please. I will continue to stalk the mens section until it has been secured for cozy winter nights.

Rub a dub

In the West, a bath is a place one goes to cleanse the body. In Asia, one goes there to cleanse the soul. Bathing is calming and meditative. Most Korean families spend Sunday together at the sauna, relaxing and getting clean. I love a good soak, but I haven't had a tub in a long time. The Japanese make it a daily ritual to clean themselves before bed. They slip into warm tub for a good sleep-inducing soak before getting into a clean bed, themselves all nice and clean. This is something I think we could all use. Sweet dreams!

I'm a big sucker for a big ol' romantic claw-foot tub.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Feeling inspired by: Plates and Cups

I love eating/drinking out of good design. The unusual or beautiful adds to my taste experience. The best cup of tea is always out of my Grandmother's hand painted, teeny tiny china cups. "It just tastes better", I'd tell my mother as a child. She was annoyed that she couldn't put it in the dishwasher. "Just drink out of a normal cup for Godsakes". Instead I continued to annoy her with my "being particular" about what I consumed out of or on. To me, eating and drinking are as much about visuals as they are about tastes. That being said, if someone talks about corpses while I'm eating, it ruins it for me. I'm not "sensitive", I just visualize well and I'd like to be 100% in the experience, not trying to block out gross imagery.

I'd eat and drink off these anyday.

I Just LOVE these Sailor Map Plates. Swoon.

Pretty things

wow. that was pretty random.

Ladies Ladies Ladies

Obsession Du Jour: the house from Practical Magic

I rewatched Practical Magic the other night and I have realize why i always loved that movie. It is the house. It is my dream house. They actually built this house for the movie and tore it down after. Which, let's face it, is a sad fact. There is an entire site devoted to it. You can Houseterbate to it here.

Monday, November 23, 2009

hippie bride

So, I've been asked about the dress already. I'm not surprised, as fashion is* ahem* high on my priority list. It took me one second to think and another second to know that deep down inside, I am a hippie bride. That's right. No frills, no taffeta, nothing that could be misconstrued as a piece of meringue. I want easy, beautiful, simple and elegant. With a touch of bohemian.

Have to say that the one with pockets is my fav.

All images are from JCrew... I know!

Gimme those pants.

Richard Chai. Your pants are the apple of my eye. I would be so fly. Sigh.