Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bi-fabrication leather pants. Everywhere.

Using mutiple materials in the same garment was all over the runways for spring. Below is my favorite way to rock this trend.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

take it or leave it

The last Rodarte show featured a lot of focus on makeup (body and otherwise) and hair. The most wearable trend is definitely the two toned lip. I went to MAC the other day and let them play with me. The results are below. MK had the lip on the other day, so this trend potentially has legs. We shall see.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Old People Who Run the World

Dear Old People Who Run the World,

My generation would like to break up with you. Everyday, I see a widening gap in how you and we understand the world — and what we want from it. I think we have irreconcilable differences.

You wanted big, fat, lazy "business." We want small, responsive, micro-scale commerce. You turned politics into a dirty word. We want authentic, deep democracy — everywhere. You wanted financial fundamentalism. We want an economics that makes sense for people — not just banks. You wanted shareholder value — built by tough-guy CEOs. We want real value, built by people with character, dignity, and courage.

You wanted an invisible hand — it became a digital hand. Today's markets are those where the majority of trades are done literally robotically. We want a visible handshake: to trust and to be trusted. You wanted growth — faster. We want to slow down — so we can become better. You didn't care which communities were capsized, or which lives were sunk. We want a rising tide that lifts all boats. You wanted to biggie size life: McMansions, Hummers, and McFood. We want to humanize life.

You wanted exurbs, sprawl, and gated anti-communities. We want a society built on authentic community. You wanted more money, credit and leverage — to consume ravenously. We want to be great at doing stuff that matters. You sacrificed the meaningful for the material: you sold out the very things that made us great for trivial gewgaws, trinkets, and gadgets. We're not for sale: we're learning to once again do what is meaningful.

There's a tectonic shift rocking the social, political, and economic landscape. [...] Here's what it looks like to me: every generation has a challenge, and this, I think, is ours: to foot the bill for yesterday's profligacy — and to create, instead, an authentically, sustainably shared prosperity. Anyone — young or old — can answer it. Generation M is more about what you do and who you are than when you were born. So the question is this: do you still belong to the 20th century - or the 21st?


Umair and the Edge Economy Community

Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche is one of my favorite jewelry designers. Her father is Egyptian and her mother is an American Indian and she blends elements of the two cultures in her work. The result is beautiful and has me really wanting that snake ring.