Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here is a random post of stuff I like...voila

I love these earings from shopbop. Simple and classic.

Matte Black nails from Knock Out. Actually, I like Matte everything right now.

Great shape to this outfit. It also seems warm and slightly badass.

Another Shopbop gem

This line is called Apiece Apart and I must have that creme flowy pantsuit. Seriously. Look at it.

French Girls. I wish. Sigh.

This is my haircut when I'm 40. Maybe 35....

I would like to steal this boy's hairdo please

Wang Pants Please

Chanel's Winter Nail Palette

Get a load of these babies. Their names are Diabolic, Forbidden and Vendetta. What a Dangerous Trio. Merci Chanel!

Norwegian Wood

I stumbled upon a CANADIAN (insert pride here) designer Angie Johnson and her line Norwegian Wood. She designs out of Montreal and sells from her boutique called HeadQuarters Galerie and Boutique as well as on Etsy . Pardon Moi for the freak out here, but she is soooo on point with her designs. She is tapping into the blogosphere with her connection to Kingdom of Style and has incorporated the bondage/compression into her collection. As a Trend Forecaster, I can tell you that this look is just starting to get big. Right. On. Point. I love it. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. Oh, did I mention that she is the first Canadian designer to be a part of TopShop's Edit? Edit features a hand picked collection of premium international designers.Watch her.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Obsession Du Jour Adelphi Wallpaper

Adelphi Paper Hangings are the producers of the finest quality, block-printed wallpapers available. They are meticulously reproduced from original documents and hand-printed by skilled artisans using the same methods and materials employed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. And I am in love. Swoon. Wallpaper has fascinated me, ever since I spent long hours in one of the neighbors basements playing with my friend Annie. Her parents had their entire basement wallpapered in a black and white pattern of turn of the century British cartoonish characters on small trikes and drinking pints etc. Very odd, but I could spend a long time studying these characters. I think that the power of wallpaper is in the joy of having the time in your home to figure it all out. Time to take in the intricate designs and appreciate all the fine detail. One day, I will have a closet or small bathroom in Toile De Jouy. So I can watch the pastoral French people milk cows when I tinkle.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The SartoriaLUST book signing at Barneys

It was an evening of well dressed men. The signing took place in the Barney's Men's department and there were so many men in loafers, well tailored pieces and comfy grandpa sweaters. Basically, it was the Sartorialist in real life. Those photographs had been animated and were walking and speaking Italian in front of me. Scott's two favorite subjects actually flew in from Italy.

Things I found out while I was there:
1) Scott Schuman is actually only 5 foot 2.
2) Garance Dore was involved with the production of the book and was there signing books as well
3) You can have socks made from leather

Brian Reyes NYC fashion week

I went to see Brian Reyes yesterday. The show was alright, nothing blew me away. Actually, the fact that I sat across from Carine Freakin Rotfield blew me away. She opened her WWD and started reading it before the show was over. Thats a bad sign for Mr. Reyes. She was, of course, so very La Rotfield. Cest ca. I also saw a bunch of B list celebs and botoxed out celebutants. Rachel Bilson is seriously tiny in real life. Like a strong breeze could take her down. I bumped into Kate Lampear at the end of the show, literally. It was a very surreal day. I scored a bag full of hair products, sharpies and other goodies. I also had my hair styled for free at the Tresemme booth. I better not get used to all this pampering.

La Rotfield

The back of Rachel Bilson

This lady used sharpies to make this bag. Pretty cool.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashion's Night Out Throwdown

It was big. There were less freebies and more models than I thought. I got a free mini manicure at Chanel, drank lots of free champagne and ate chocolate truffles and french macaroons. Not bad. I missed Gwen Stefani by 5 minutes and decided that the Intermix rsvp line was too long for watching Sienna paint a mannequin. It was great, but I wish I could have had a transporter to beam me around the city. I love this city!

Anja and her posse handing out fliers for Hudson Jeans

A live model in the window of Agent Provocateur

Yummy truffles

French Macaroons

Beautiful Swimwear at Eres


Philip Lim 3.0

Philip and Irena (with her cute new bowl cut)

Mini Manicure with Chanel Jade