Monday, September 21, 2009

Obsession Du Jour Adelphi Wallpaper

Adelphi Paper Hangings are the producers of the finest quality, block-printed wallpapers available. They are meticulously reproduced from original documents and hand-printed by skilled artisans using the same methods and materials employed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. And I am in love. Swoon. Wallpaper has fascinated me, ever since I spent long hours in one of the neighbors basements playing with my friend Annie. Her parents had their entire basement wallpapered in a black and white pattern of turn of the century British cartoonish characters on small trikes and drinking pints etc. Very odd, but I could spend a long time studying these characters. I think that the power of wallpaper is in the joy of having the time in your home to figure it all out. Time to take in the intricate designs and appreciate all the fine detail. One day, I will have a closet or small bathroom in Toile De Jouy. So I can watch the pastoral French people milk cows when I tinkle.


  1. I've had my eyes on this company for a while. I'm totally in love with that pineapple pattern. While I doubt I could ever justify paying their prices to paper a whole room, I bet I could one day afford enough of their paper to give a staircase this treatment. Someday