Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brian Reyes NYC fashion week

I went to see Brian Reyes yesterday. The show was alright, nothing blew me away. Actually, the fact that I sat across from Carine Freakin Rotfield blew me away. She opened her WWD and started reading it before the show was over. Thats a bad sign for Mr. Reyes. She was, of course, so very La Rotfield. Cest ca. I also saw a bunch of B list celebs and botoxed out celebutants. Rachel Bilson is seriously tiny in real life. Like a strong breeze could take her down. I bumped into Kate Lampear at the end of the show, literally. It was a very surreal day. I scored a bag full of hair products, sharpies and other goodies. I also had my hair styled for free at the Tresemme booth. I better not get used to all this pampering.

La Rotfield

The back of Rachel Bilson

This lady used sharpies to make this bag. Pretty cool.

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