Monday, January 11, 2010

You are what you love

I can't really explain what it is exactly about Jenny Lewis that makes me love her so. Her sweet country voice, her tiny stature and fiery hair, her biting lyrics... she is admittedly brash, honest and self effacing and I guess I admire that. She is wrapped up in my past, a romance and my memories of living across the world, where I discovered her. When I was done and I had listened to her the hole way 'round this globe, I came home and got to meet her. It was like she was welcoming me home. And I haven't left since. I think that really means that I've had to grow up and stop traipsing around the world. But she has come to visit me from time to time and I always go say hi.

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  1. I love the milk jug image...thanks for sharing.